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Exciting news!

A few of you know the exciting news, and some of you not at all. Let me just say that I am a blessed mother. Thank you, God, for giving me the gift of my daughter.

My daughter published her first novel, Danger, in January 2016 at the precious age of 13 years. I want to share this beautiful moment with all of you! Alexandra describes the genre in her unique way, as a spiritual adventure. She, a 13 year old girl, is writing from the perspective of a 9 year old boy, who is in search of his missing mother. Danger shows that you can still find your way even when the path takes you in unexpected directions.

Take a look at the press release in these publications below and please share the news with your friends and social network. If you feel moved to grab a copy for yourself please know that you are helping a single working parent household and all proceeds made will go towards Alexandra’s college fund (Available here: Amazon). She wants to be an astronaut so maybe you can be a part of her dream come through. God willing!

See press release in American Public Media here: American Public Media and the Boston Globe here: The Boston Globe

Press Release Text Below:

Book Cover Danger

At thirteen-years-old, Alexandra Love knows what young audiences like to read. Unlike most teenagers her age, however, she’s hoping to add her own work to that list.


In Love’s debut novel, “Danger,” the young author is combing mystery and spirituality in an exciting new way that will draw readers into a gripping spiritual adventure.

Following a young boy in search of his missing mother, “Danger” shows that you can still find your way even when the path takes you in unexpected directions. Filled with supernatural experiences, vivid explorations and unlikely partnerships, the novel takes readers on a journey that will enthrall them to the end.

Teaching readers that there’s always greater forces working to make something good out of the bad, the novel provides the perfect experience for readers looking for entertainment as well as inspiration.

Inspired by C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia,” Alexandra Love created “Danger” to sow the seeds of the Gospel in a simple way that would hook children from the first page.

By exploring the relationship between the Divine Being and the human being, Love hopes to satisfy readers’ desire to get more in touch with their spirituality and possibly take their first step closer to God.

A children’s book written by a young author hoping to connect children to something greater, Alexandra Love’s “Danger” is the perfect novel for anyone looking for a little more out of their reading experience.

“Danger” by Alexandra Love is now available for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers.

About the author: Born in 2002, Alexandra Love spent nearly a year and a half developing her debut novel, “Danger,” and was only thirteen years old when it was published. Having been homeschooled since 2014, Love’s creative writing prowess and ideas have helped shape her education from a young age. In addition to playing competitive basketball and performing in a youth orchestra as a violinist, Love has enjoyed traveling to Bulgaria, the Amazon and has made several trips across the United States. Of Bulgarian descent, she currently lives in California and dreams of one day becoming an astronaut.