Disciple of Jesus Christ, Natalia resides in the USA where she works with children with disabilities and developmental delays. She moved to the U.S. in September 2001 at the age of twenty-two. She grew up in beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria during the times of the Eastern European block and the subsequent harsh conditions during its collapse. She was a child when Chernobyl, the devastating nuclear meltdown in the former Soviet Union happened, and was the first kid to be admitted to the thyroid hospital for surgery due to a thyroid involvement, which the doctors attributed to the fallout radiation.

Today, Natalia provides rehabilitation to beautiful children challenged by developmental delays and various pathologies such as stroke, brain injury, and genetic abnormalities. Natalia holds a Doctorate and a Master degrees in Physical Therapy. Her doctorate research was a case report examining the effectiveness of a treatment technique she developed with kinesiology tape as a dynamic orthotic for the correction of genu valgum in a patient with SMA Type II. []

As a Peace & Security ambassador with Physicians for Social Responsibility-LA in the areas of nuclear security, Natalia remembers few achievements. In 2011, she was invited to deliver a peace message for the United Nations Peace Day, which was delivered via global internet broadcast celebrating U.N. Peace Day together with the messages of the other Peace messengers including Wangari Maathai, Jane Goodall, and Michael Douglas  to name a few. Natalia was a scholarship recipient to The White House Project summit for women in nuclear security (2010), and her video address to President Obama urging him to seize a historic opportunity and address nuclear non-proliferation as one of America’s top international priorities was featured in the United Nations Association world’s bulletin in 2009. ( In 2010, Natalia also decided to give it a try and apply for the most prestigious fellowship in the country, The White House Fellowship. Though she was not accepted, the whole preparation experience – from having correspondence with the White House to having to write a policy proposal memorandum to President Obama (with a word limit of about 500 words!) proved to be of a significant learning benefit.

Natalia also holds a Bachelor’s in Science in Health Science and is an alumnae of the nuclear security cohort of The White House Project. Her international contributions include service in a rehabilitation hospital in Danang, Vietnam where she provided hands on treatment and clinical education to her Vietnamese colleagues. She has also reached back to her Bulgarian roots by being a guest lecturer to the “Improving Quality of Care seminar” at the Bulgarian Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association.

Last but not least, the life mission that makes her happiest is being a mother. Natalia strongly believes in the goodness and purity of human nature as it is the original design of life our Creator created us with. Through The ‘How to Love’ Manual, she invites you to connect to this true nature that is inherent in us. The ‘How to Love’ Manual is a must-have guide to walking the sacred path of love and relationship. It serves as an invitation to step into a new way of living love that is Spirit-centered, love-inspired and for-giving. The central questions in life remain: What will you think of your life when the day comes when it is over? How will you feel about yourself? What if you lived every day of your life as if it were your first day alive? And, what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?  ~ The Key is Love.

Natalia’s daughter recently published her first book, Danger, at the age of 13! Please don’t forget to check it out on Amazon:

Also, take a look at Danger’s press release in the Daily Herald:

The Boston Globe:

And the LA Daily News:


(Rock hewn  Monastery Sveta Bogorodica in The Old Mountain, Bulgaria)

Don’t forget to check out my book, The ‘How to Love’ Manual. If you have any questions please feel free to email at :


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