42 Ways to Protect the Heart of Your Daughter

My daughter and I were at a girls’ Purity conference last month, and one of the lectures discussed this very topic. This list is mostly from the speaker, though I have added my thoughts. Forgive me for not remembering to write down the name so I can give him proper credit. But I am sure that he’d be happy to share this information. Big thanks to Kimbrlee, the young conference organizer for a refreshing, inspiring and encouraging conference weekend.


42 Ways to Protect Your Daughter’s Heart

  1. Love God
  2. Protect the mind [thinking], convictions, and emotions of your daughter
  3. Love your spouse. If single parent, focus that love on Jesus as your significant other and love your parents [close family relations]
  4. Plan with your spouse. If single parent (or notJ), prayerfully plan and consider everything with God. He’s your significant other.
  5. Provide wise schedule and goals
  6. Understand the dangers your [outside the home] jobs may be having on inside-the-home
  7. Help your daughter understand the importance of modesty
  8. Conquer wrong habits in your life (i.e. anger, yelling, laziness, etc.]
  9. Keep an open spirit and communication. Your child needs to feel loved. Don’t be your child’s “police,” but her ally.
  10. Agree with your spouse regarding child training. If single, ask for council your family or closest family friends. Our goal as parents is to train and equip our children. When we train and equip, there won’t be room for time-outs/punishments. And though “punishment” may be needed sometimes, it is in no way to be promoted.
  11. Understand and clarify to your daughter the true consequences of wrong actions
  12. Realize that your defeats affect your children
  13. Ask your child for your “blind spots.” Humility is therapeutic.
  14. Be quick to ask forgiveness for offences
  15. Guide your daughter to establish biblical convictions and visions.
  16. Give your daughter a vision of her gifts.
  17. Acknowledge the iniquities of your forefathers
  18. Review past lessons that you’ve taught her. Bed time is important teaching time.
  19. Respond to rebellion right away. When there is rebellion, there’s usually bitterness because there is an underlying offence. Absorb all the blame.
  20. Take your daughter on get-togethers.
  21. Pray daily for wisdom, knowledge, discernment, and skills.
  22. Know when to remove your daughter from danger, including dangerous influences. Risk offending people for the sake of your child.
  23. Teach brothers (if any) how to protect sisters. Make siblings their best friends.
  24. Praise our daughters. Praise gives instant success.
  25. Protect her from inappropriate gatherings with other kids, and inappropriate, immoral music and entertainment influence. Shut the TV. Don’t buy entertainment/fashion magazines.
  26. Postpone having a car until wise enough
  27. Introduce her to Godly women. And if none are personally present in your life, do so through biographies of Godly women.
  28. Provide healthy nutrition.
  29. Give your daughter a ministry.
  30. Child proof the child, not just the house.
  31. Always explain “why.”
  32. Teach your daughter all the things that God has taught you.
  33. Protect your child from premature sexual information.
  34. Explain how to find a godly mate
  35. Teach and educate your child. Homeschooling is a calling from home, so I can’t say to everybody to homeschool. It is a call. But every single parent should take an active role in teaching and educating their child. If your child goes to school outside the home, review their homework with them, review their lessons, help them with school work, answer questions, and take the opportunity to teach them.
  36. Keep her away from friends who are going a different direction.
  37. Have modesty in the home, especially if you are a mother. Be modest, in your speech as well as in your dress.
  38. Let your daughter live at home as long as she wants.
  39. Don’t be a TV or a movie family.
  40. Don’t give a “serpent” to your child.
  41. Lead her to memorize long pieces of Scripture.
  42. Fast for your daughter.

[Credit for image: Darlene Kwiatkowski]


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